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Welcome to the ENGL 103 Wiki[edit | edit source]

The ENGL 103 wiki is a collaborative effort of Clemson University's Fall 2010 ENGL 103 accelerated composition classes, Sections 8 and 27. Topics will include those within the areas of writing, composition, rhetoric, digital space, and social media. The collaborative nature of a wiki will allow our class - and others - the opportunity to work together toward composing and editing in a virtual space.

ENGL 103: Accelerated Composition[edit | edit source]

Clemson University's ENGL 103 course focuses on writing and critical thinking by using an integrated approach to writing that teaches various rhetorical strategies for reading and constructing arguments (written and visual) in both print and digital environments. The ENGL 103 wiki provides a space for our classes to experiment with composing and collaborating in virtual space.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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